Why you should consider a Ness-Twigg Home?

It starts with design, working with our architect, we make sure that from circulation to furniture placement, you will be happy with the room sizes, layouts and window placements.

We then make sure to site the house properly on the lot and take full advantage of the topography, windows and entrances.

All of our homes have the ground and footers inspected by a 3rd party geotechnical engineer to make sure that our foundations will support the homes for many generations to come.

After we rough frame and before the trades come in, we have a 3rd party framer come in to perform frame checks.

We strive to provide the best subfloor system possible by using Advantech flooring that we glue and screw onto the floor joist system.  This allows us to provide a quiet floor system and allows the finished floor to be installed on the best subfloor system in the industry.

Every bedroom has a ceiling light with a fan rough in so you can opt to buy the optional fan at time of purchase, or make it a weekend project.  The wiring is in place to make your life easy.

Every shower and tub has a recessed light above so as not to have any dark spaces in the bathroom.

Proud member of the National Association of Home Builders, Maryland Building Industry Association and Residential Warranty Company